Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Turning Twenty Quilt

The second quilt I ever made was in 2005ish using the pattern Turning Twenty.  I don't remember much about making this quilt, other than it was definitely a learning process.  The seams only match occasionally, the blocks are all fairly wonky, and the colors are very bright!  In spite of all that, this quilt has been very loved.  It was on my bed the whole time I was at college, and when my daughter first moved into a big bed it was her quilt until I got around to making her a twin quilt of her own.

The back of the quilt is just one fabric, pieced together in the middle.  I tied with the quilt (probably with the help of my mom and sisters) and finished it off with a striped bias binding.  

The pattern Turning Twenty is pretty old at this point, but can still be found with a quick google search.  It is a great quilt for a beginner.  Just be sure to square up your blocks before piecing them together!  Unless you prefer wonky seams like mine, then just go ahead and wing it.  :)

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